About This Blog

For the last few years now, I’ve looked on as other people formed blogs, and listened as they talked about each other’s blog. I’m not the most technologically aware person on this planet, and I just presumed this was the next craze from Japan, after Tamagotchi, Pokemon and dressing like a schoolgirl. More and more often, however, I noticed that the content of the editorials section of the online newspapers I read were actually blogs. This relaxed me completely. The phenomenon of blogging is truly amazing. It gives us all instantly the power to have articles published which otherwise would never see the light of day. I must confess I am a little afraid that there’s a reason why they would otherwise never see the light of day.

Now, whereas the internet used to be 85% pictures of Japanese schoolgirls dressing (or undressing) like schoolgirls, it’s now around 60% of this, 15% everything else and 25% lists of The 50 best albums of all-time, The 20 best guitar solos of all time, My Top 10 Tom Cruise Films, My 40 favourite Japanese Schoolgirls, etc.

However, quite often, I find articles or have thoughts, which I feel could enhance and improve peope’s lives. Hopefully, you will read this, the least useful post on this blog, and still check one of the others. They are much more interesting, if you find Communication interesting. I do, and I don’t think I’m so strange. Anyway, welcome to my World!


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